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Louis Vuitton


With over 2 Million downloads, the Louis Vuitton App provides users with the ability to immerse themselves into the world of The Maison.

We believe it has the potential to grow a larger audience. Our team will be evaluating the current User Flow Experience to determine opportunities for improvement in Usability with a Heuristics Evaluation.

Project Type

Heuristic Evaluation


UX Research, UX Design


iOS Mobile App

LV Mockup
Task Selection

For our Heuristic Evaluation, we focused on three main tasks for our flow. Creating an account, looking at merchandise, and finalizing a purchase.

To simulate a flow that a potential user would take in order to purchase a bag.

Severity Ratings
Severity Ratings.png
Current Situation

Walking through the experience of purchasing a handbag on the Louis Vuitton app. We found multiple usability issues that downgrade the users' shopping experience. 

Design Prioritization Matrix

After walking through the user flow of purchasing a bag on the app, we listed 10 major usability issues and ordered them depending on the user value & effort for fixing the problem. 


1. “An Error Occurred” Message
2. Creating an Account. Getting ‘Access denied’ Message
3. Incorrect Address Input
4. No exit or undo when 
downloading “Magazine”
5. Not showing an item is unavailable before selecting it.
6. Not being able to undo or exit
easily after submitting an order.
7. Lack of filter options for ease of use.
8. ‘All Handbags’ category is found in the middle, not on top
9. Autofill for information already previously entered.
10. Unclear wording for ‘Logging out’

Design prioritization matrix.png
Branding Styles
Changes Overview

Based on our Heuristic Evaluation and design prioritization matrix, we will be recommending changes to 8 screens.

We believe that by implementing these changes you will see a decrease in drop rates and a better overall customer satisfaction, increasing sales and elevating The Maison experience.

LV App.png
Redesign Experience
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