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Shopify- 24 Hour Hackathon


A 24-hour collaborative tech sprint challenging BrainStation students from different cohorts to work together to create digital solutions for BrainStation's Industry Partner- Shopify. The team project was awarded with second place by Shopify.


Market Research, UX Research, UX/UI Design, 



Help Shopify better leverage its Ecosystem to make entrepreneurship more accessible by lowering the barrier to entrepreneurship in entirely new regions, demographic and business sectors.

Desktop website


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, InVision

Seondary Research

Global Online Art Market Sales, 2021

$ 12,400,000,000

The Online Art Market


Most common fine art medium sold online


15% Share of art buyers preferring to purchase art online


Digital art purchased with NFTs projected to grow

Competitive Landscape


Has 4.36M active sellers, who generated $357M in revenue from Art & Collectibles

Action Houses

Sotheby’s - $800M

Christie’s - $445M

Social Media

87% of art buyers used Instagram to find new artists

The Problem Space

Artists find it hard to sell their art on Shopify as it tends to be complex to start; especially for those who just want to sell their work on a marketplace (like Etsy).


The setup process is not as inclusive to the artists, who typically shy away from features that feel too commercial.


With an overwhelming marketing tab, there aren’t features that help guide the user find what they need.

Current Situation

Design Intervention

How Might We Question

How might we help artists navigate the Shopify EcoSystem’s Marketing Apps so they can successfully market and sell their artwork?

User Proto Persona

The Solution

Task Flow Diagram

Task Flow.png


Our sketches explored procedural methods to show our marketing assistant Shopy. The finalized solution sketches are a questionnaire with 5 questions to help entrepreneurs arrive at a list of app suggestions that match their needs and goals.

Exploratory Sketches121211.png


Mid-fi greyscale wireframes are created to layout general contents that we plan to implement to our prototype. 

Welcome page.png
What is your Marketing Skill.png
Arts Options Page.png
Goal Setting.png
App Suggestions.png

SHOPY Prototype

Key Learnings


A 24-hour hackathon with group members from different coherts can be complicated. Our group started to plan a time schedule as the first thing in the meeting. We completed brainstorming and research together with the data science student leading the session. Then me and the other UX Designer estimated the amount of time that we need to complete our part and set a hand-off meeting to the web development team.


The imperssing project result cannot be carried out without the support and cooperation of all team members. Team members empathized and were inclusive with everyone's opinions and ideas. We also learned to speak other's technical language so that the everyone is on the same page. 

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